Giving Value To NFTs

Tokeniz Provides a way to give value to your NFTs by locking crypto token in NFTs and make them usable as for many other purposes. Read the whitepaper or checkout the attached video to know more about the amazing features or just launch the app and experience it yourself
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What is Tokeniz

Tokeniz allows everyone to Mint their NFTs while locking multiple tokens in the NFT contract, this will allow users to gift crypto to anyone in a much better way, plus, various other DeFi integrations scenarios can be explored for example, Allowing Fee Less crypto buying from ecommerce platforms, Trustless P2P transactions, etc.

Lets Explore the world of Tokeniz


Crypto Giftcards While Nfts themselves don't have a value until someone buys, and gifting crypto in multiple transactions kills the mood. Now with Tokeniz pack them in a NFT and send them stating your purpose wide and clear, with ability to unpack funds when you transfer them
Trustless P2P transactions Lets say you have some tokens which are not yet listed on dex, and you want to sell them. While p2p remains the only option you have but trust is a majority factor blocking such transactions. Now with Tokeniz sell them at any NFT exchange packed in a NFT with your lovely messages
Fee less cypto buying Well an important factor stopping people from onboarding to web3 is the inability to get their funds into crypto, now with Tokeniz if your government allows we can get you started fee less where you can buy your first NFT with all the funds you need which unpack automatically when you receive them. No Need to go searching for faucets anymore...


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